Dropshipping is Dead

We are the first ecommerce automation company to change the way Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook automation is done, by changing the process to an FBM, (Fulfillment by Merchant), model. By using our four warehouses, strategically placed around the country, we have more control over the products being shipped to your end client without violating Amz, Wmt, and Fb terms of service, as all of our competition continues to do by dropshipping. We have evolved for our clients to avoid store suspensions and terminations that clients of other company in this space are having. We have created a unique solution to a massive current problem. We are the first and will remain the innovators in ecommerce automation.

How it works

NXTLVL Provides Easy E-commerce Store Management Services for Your Business!

The use of our tried and true methodologies, highly skilled personnel, and track record of success will allow us to develop, manage, and run your complete business for you.

What we do

How Will NXTLVL Help You?


A Committed Team

Our staff will set up, run, and grow your business from the ground up. This includes customer service, product research, listing, and shipment.

Exclusive Software

Our software was created to assist you in streamlining every aspect of your E-commerce operation.

Massive Network

Our massive network consists of a wide range of wholesale distributors and suppliers.

What is it?

What is E-commerce Store Management?

E-commerce Store Management Services allows you to earn passive income without lifting a finger.

Why use E-commerce?

In the world of retail, E-commerce is a frequent means for customers to place orders online and have them delivered to their doorstep. If you don’t have an E-commerce store, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

New Possibilities

Online sales are on the rise. Use the top three platforms for store-managed income. With such rapid growth, the time to open your store is now!

    Business Expansion

    We design stores from the ground up to be scalable. We can scale a new store in only months by utilizing our unique store-managed methodology. The rate at which we can scale will be determined by the amount of capital you have.

    Just sit back – we do the work and you get paid!

    We build and scale managed businesses with our expert team, utilizing over 29 years of experience to scale your store so you can make passive income with little effort. No experience necessary.

    We currently have over 1200 stores and a team of over 350 people dedicated to our clients and their success. Owning a business managed by NXTLVL Services puts you at the forefront of making a steady stream of income with the least amount of work possible!

    Come visit our warehouse to meet our U.S. based team.

    Our process

    Here’s How It Works

    Engage our services

    Engage our services, sign the contract and then receive the onboarding instructions.

    Follow the instructions

    Follow the instructions, provide the necessary information to us, then kick back and wait as we get to work.

    Launch your new business

    Launch your new business alongside some of the best brains in the world. Your business will be built and scaled efficiently, safely, and most importantly – with profit!

    Amazon currently does roughly $950 million
    day in sales and 52% of that is from the third party 
    sellers like us.

    Owning a Managed business with NXTLVL Services puts you at the forefront of making passive income with the least amount of work possible- virtually hands free.

    Order Fulfillment: You’ll need to allocate a credit card with available credit of at least $7,500 to make product purchases.

    Profit Sharing: We charge 35% of your store’s Net Profit as a full time business management fee.

    What is it?

    Partnership Requirements

    Costs of Inventory

    Partners are responsible for financing or crediting the purchase of merchandise. Amazon and Walmart makes payments every 14 days.


    A common type of retail fulfillment is E-commerce, in which customers place an order online via a variety of different platforms. You’re missing out on a major potential if you don’t have an E-commerce site.

    Think Growth

    To take full advantage of this fantastic new opportunity, partners must have a growth or success mindset.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a one-time setup fee?

    The startup charge is simply paid once, to get your business up and running. Unless your items alter or you wish to do something new with them. Profit splits are the only other charge.

    Do I get paid on a regular basis?

    Depending on the platform we’re using, we’re usually able to make payments every 14 days.

    Is it possible to expand my business with credit cards?

    Yes, as long as you are authorized, you can use anyone’s credit or debit card. This card will be used to make inventory purchases. Some credit cards come with particular benefits. The best cards we’ve encountered are usually Amex cards, which scale well with your business.

    NxtLvl assigns how many employees to my store?

    We’ll only be handling the setup stages at initially, but once you’re ready to scale, you’ll have 2-3 staff to assist you. The larger your company grows; the more personnel you’ll have to assist you with your store. It is individually developed to ensure that you receive the best possible assistance from us at all times.

    Is it possible for us to provide funding or financing?

    If you have a decent credit score, we can direct you to third-party funding sources. They can assess your present financial condition and determine how much money you are eligible for.

    How do returns work?

    Customer returns are handled by the team, which will provide a return label and arrange for shipping the order back to the point of origin. Clients may expect a hands-off experience from us at all times.

    $950 MILLION USD

    in Daily Sales

    Work with us and we will not only get you a piece of that pie, but with our extensive network and formula ensure that piece keeps getting bigger.

    Discover How We Can Build & Grow You A Successful Store.

    Meet Michael Walding, Founder of NXTLVL

    For the last 10 years, I have been a professional bodybuilder. I dreamed of having a wildly successful business that could provide value in people’s lives. I discovered that a business can provide a predictable and proven stream of income. I want to talk to you about it on our free strategy call.

    Using this exact system, I became a multi-millionaire by the age of 30!

    For the last 10 years, I have been a professional bodybuilder. I dreamed of having a wildly successful business that could provide value in people’s lives. I discovered that a business can provide a predictable and proven stream of income. I want to talk to you about it on our free strategy call.

    29+ Years

    Of Experience Dominating The E-Commerce World


    Average Sales Revenue Growth

    Don’t just take our word for it,
    check out Real Results from our clients.


    Watch Our Customers Share Their
    Real Stories Here..

    Michael and his whole team have all been really helpful in explaining, walking us through everything we needed to do to get things started. And just knowing that they’ve been successful at doing hundreds of stores for people and not only themselves, it takes the stress away from it.

    Mark M.

    Thankfully, we had been approached about buying an E-commerce business and we looked into it. We did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions, and then we made a call to Next Level Services. They helped me get my business set up, got everything up and running, and once I got done with that, it was fully store managed.

    Tiffany R.

    I hired next level services to manage my Amazon store. This makes a passive income for me. Its great because Amazon and Walmart were not shut down during the pandemic. Opportunities like this do not come along very often. They have an easy onboarding process and My contact has been Chris Terry and his team have been a joy to work with.

    David M.

    We build and scale Managed

    If you’re interested in learning more about how we can build a business for you, click the button below to speak with us