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Michael and his whole team have all been really helpful in explaining, walking us through everything we needed to do to get things started. And just knowing that they’ve been successful at doing hundreds of stores for people and not only themselves, it takes the stress away from it.

Shawn M.

Thankfully, we had been approached about buying an eCommerce business and we looked into it. We did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions, and then we made a call to Next Level Services. They helped me get my business set up, got everything up and running, and once I got done with that, it was fully automated.

Tiffany R.

I hired next level services to manage my Amazon and Walmart store. This makes a passive income for me. Its great because Amazon and Walmart were not shut down during the pandemic. Opportunities like this do not come along very often. They have an easy onboarding process and My contact has been Chris Terry and his team have been a joy to work with.

David M.

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I’ve had $127,000 in sales with a profit margin around 15%! I got set up and everything has been smooth sailing. The past 30 days, I have been pretty blown away by the results I’ve had so far. The profit margins for the past 30 days… I’ve had a $127,000 USD in sales with a profit margin right around 15%-16%. It has been going great so far and excited to watch the store scale!

Marc P.

The NXTLVL staff has been professional, personable, and prompt. I used to spend a fortune on PPC ads and lost so much money. Since working with NXTLVL my sales have exploded! In the last 30 days, $60,000 in product sales alone. I would highly recommend Michael and his team to manage your amazon stores or to generate a new stream of income for your household.

Andrea S.

The NXT LVL team has been really amazing and I highly recommend NXT LVL services – Trevor
My husband and I invested in NXT LVL’s services because I wanted to move on from my Day Job after almost 25 years. This is an absolute game-changer for me – Dianne
In 6 Months, Igor Has Been Able To Scale his Sales On His Stores Massively…
Andrea’s Sales Have Exploded & She Doesn’t Have To Spend On Pay Per Click Anymore…
They helped me understand what my expectations were and the process…
Jake Is Now Able To Spend More Time With His Family Without Having To Worry About Money…